KP Lite - Grey.jpg


This is a perfect pack for a business wanting to create two months of awesome weekly content to share tips & how to's for clients, create a mini e-course, or complete a website!

8 videos
 1-2 minutes in length
4 hour shoot

KP Classic - Pink.jpg


The Classic pack is my most popular purchase, no matter the business. A great amount of weekly content for a product marketing push, a small e-course, or even 12+ different "About Me" videos for employees. There's so much you can do with the Classic!

12 videos
1-2 minutes in length
B Roll

PLUS "About Me" video
2-3 minutes in length
B Roll

6 hour shoot

KP Extra - Green.jpg


If you're someone who thinks "go big or go home", the Extra pack is for you. With 20 short videos, an "About Me" and 5 client testimonial videos, your business website and social media will be fully stocked with education, information, plus show your future clients how happy your people are with your products.  

20 videos
1-2 minutes in length

PLUS "About Me" video
2-3 minutes in length
B Roll

PLUS 5 Testimonial videos
1-2 minutes in length

2 day shoot

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Only needing one video?
The KP ONE pack gives you a single 1-5 minute long video. You just have to choose what you want to talk about!
Most clients use this to create an "About Me" video, a product video, or a single testimonial.

The shoot length and other details depend on your KP ONE video topic so please get in touch to chat about it!

Custom - Yellow.jpg


This is the pack for you if you want to build your entire e-course program with every bell and whistle included. Everyone's vision is a little different, so click the button below and tell me what your project looks like.


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I'm so proud to be partnered with the incredible Business Brand Photographer,  Lindyn Williams.
Together, we bring you and your company the WHOLE package, allowing you to sit back, relax, and watch your brand's content bloom!

Click here to head over to Lindyn's website.

If you're interested in adding Lindyn to your shoot, select YES under photography when you fill out the contact form below!


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