What Is B Roll?

B Roll is my most favourite part of a shoot. It's a term I use to describe any shots that aren't of the main subject speaking on camera. When I film an "About Me" video I usually have 1-2 cameras facing the subject as they talk. Once we're finished that part of the shoot I'll then either have the subject continue speaking and film their hands moving, details on clothing, or I'll get close up shots of the space around. I love using these kinds of aspects to break up a long piece of talking video.

How Long Is A Shoot?

Depending on what package you buy, our shoot time will vary. My minimum amount of time for a shoot is 2 hours, but should someone choose the KP EXTRA or KP CUSTOM package, a shoot can continue for 2 or more days. In that case, we would only film 4-6 hours per day just so we don't wear ourselves out!

Does The Package Price Include Travel?

If you're a Vancouver local, travel costs probably won't apply to you. Should the shoot be located more than a 30 km drive away or include a ferry, a $0.50 per km fee will be added to your bill as well as any transportation tickets required.